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Ruby - Math.sin() Method

The Ruby Math.sin() method returns trigonometric sine of an angle (angle should be in radians). The return value will be of float type and in the range -1 through 1.

In the graph below, sin(x) vs x is plotted.

Sin Function




x Specify the angle in radian.

Return Value

Returns the trigonometric sine of an angle.


In the example below, Math.sin() method is used to find out the trigonometric sine of an angle.

#Math::PI - value of PI from Math module
pi = Math::PI

puts "Math.sin(pi/6) = #{Math.sin(pi/6)}"
puts "Math.sin(pi/4) = #{Math.sin(pi/4)}"
puts "Math.sin(pi/3) = #{Math.sin(pi/3)}"

The output of the above code will be:

Math.sin(pi/6) = 0.49999999999999994
Math.sin(pi/4) = 0.7071067811865475
Math.sin(pi/3) = 0.8660254037844386

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