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C# - Tutorial

C# is a general purpose, modern and object-oriented programming language commonly known as C sharp. It was developed by Microsoft within its .NET initiative led by Anders Hejlsberg and his team. It was approved by European Computer Manufacturers Association (ECMA) and International Standards Organization (ISO). C# is a lot similar to Java and easy for the users who have knowledge of C, C++ or Java.

About Tutorial

This tutorial is intended for students and professionals interested in studying basic and advanced concepts of C#. This tutorial covers all topics of C# which includes data types, operators, arrays, strings, control statements, pointers, classes, object-oriented programming, constructor, destructor, inheritance, polymorphism, encapsulation, namespace, exception handling & File IO. We believe in learning by examples therefore each and every topic is explained with lots of examples that make you learn C# language in a very easy way. Along with this, almost all examples can be executed online which provides better understanding of the language and helps you to learn the language faster. The classical "Hello World" example is mentioned below for the illustration purpose:

//  Hello World Example
using System;

class MyProgram {
  static void Main(string[] args) {
     Console.WriteLine("Hello World!");

The output of the above code will be:

Hello World!


Before continuing with this tutorial, you should have basic understanding of any programming language.