C# String Methods


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The C# has a number of methods and functions that are available for use with strings. These methods and functions are listed below in alphabetical order. For more details about any one of these, please visit its page.

C# String Methods
Clone() Make clone of string.
CompareTo() Compare two strings and returns integer value as output. It returns 0 for true and 1 for false.
Contains() The C# Contains method checks whether specified character or string is exists or not in the string value.
EndsWith() This EndsWith Method checks whether specified character is the last character of string or not.
Equals() The Equals Method in C# compares two string and returns Boolean value as output.
GetHashCode() This method returns HashValue of specified string.
GetType() It returns the System.Type of current instance.
GetTypeCode() It returns the Stystem.TypeCode for class System.String.
IndexOf() Returns the index position of first occurrence of specified character.
ToLower() Converts String into lower case based on rules of the current culture.
ToUpper() Converts String into Upper case based on rules of the current culture.
Insert() Insert the string or character in the string at the specified position.
IsNormalized() This method checks whether this string is in Unicode normalization form C.
LastIndexOf() Returns the index position of last occurrence of specified character.
Length It is a string property that returns length of string.
Remove() This method deletes all the characters from beginning to specified index position.
Replace() This method replaces the character.
Split() This method splits the string based on specified value.
StartsWith() It checks whether the first character of string is same as specified character.
Substring() This method returns substring.
ToCharArray() Converts string into char array.
Trim() It removes extra whitespaces from beginning and ending of string.

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