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SQL Server - DROP TABLE Keyword

The SQL Server (Transact-SQL) DROP TABLE keyword is used to delete a table from the database. It drops all the data, indexes, triggers, constraints and permission specifications for the specified table.

Note: Be careful before dropping a table. Once deleted, all information stored in that table will be lost forever!.


The syntax of using DROP TABLE keyword is given below:

DROP TABLE table_name;


Consider a database containing a table called Employee with the following records:

2MarryNew York242750
5RameshNew Delhi283000

The description of the table can be checked using EXEC sp_help command as shown below:

EXEC sp_help Employee;

Employeedbouser table2019-10-21 10:18:45.477

To delete this table, the query is given below:

DROP TABLE Employee;

After deleting the table, the EXEC sp_help command will throw following error:

EXEC sp_help Employee;	
Result: The object 'Employee' does not exist in database 'testDB' or is invalid for this operation.

Here, testDB is the name of database which initially had Employee table.

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