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MariaDB LEAST() Function

The MariaDB LEAST() function returns the smallest value in a list of expressions. In special cases it returns the following:

  • If any of the expression in the list is NULL, then NULL is returned.


LEAST(expr1, expr2, ... expr_n)


expr1, expr2, ... expr_n Required. Specify the list of expressions to be evaluated.

Return Value

Returns the smallest value in a list of expressions.

Example 1:

The example below shows the usage of LEAST() function.

SELECT LEAST(20, 30, 60, 10);
Result: 10

SELECT LEAST('20', '30', '60', '10');
Result: '10'

SELECT LEAST('D', 'G', 'X', 'A');
Result: 'A'

SELECT LEAST('Alpha', 'Beta', 'Delta', 'Gamma');
Result: 'Alpha'

SELECT LEAST('Alpha1', 'Alpha2', 'Alpha3', 'Alpha4');
Result: 'Alpha1'

SELECT LEAST(20, 30, 60, 10, NULL);
Result: NULL

Example 2:

Consider a database table called Sample with the following records:

Data 110041
Data 2201542
Data 3303043
Data 4404544
Data 5506045

To get the smallest value, when values of column x, column y and column z are compared, the following query can be used:

SELECT *, LEAST(x, y, z) AS LEAST_Value FROM Sample;

This will produce the result as shown below:

Data 1100410
Data 220154215
Data 330304330
Data 440454440
Data 550604545

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