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PHP Math - cosh() Function

The PHP Math cosh() function returns hyperbolic cosine of a value. The hyperbolic cosine of x is defined as:


where e is an Euler's number.

In special cases it returns the following:

  • If the argument is NAN, then the result is NAN.
  • If the argument is infinite, then the result is positive infinity.
  • If the argument is zero, then the result is 1.0.




number Required. Specify the value.

Return Value

Returns the hyperbolic cosine of a value.


In the example below, cosh() function is used to find out the hyperbolic cosine of a value.

echo "cosh(-2) = ".cosh(-2)."\n";
echo "cosh(-1) = ".cosh(-1)."\n";
echo "cosh(0) = ".cosh(0)."\n";
echo "cosh(1) = ".cosh(1)."\n";
echo "cosh(2) = ".cosh(2)."\n";
echo "cosh(INF) = ".cosh(INF)."\n";
echo "cosh(-INF) = ".cosh(-INF)."\n";
echo "cosh(NAN) = ".cosh(NAN)."\n";

The output of the above code will be:

cosh(-2) = 3.7621956910836
cosh(-1) = 1.5430806348152
cosh(0) = 1
cosh(1) = 1.5430806348152
cosh(2) = 3.7621956910836
cosh(INF) = INF
cosh(-INF) = INF
cosh(NAN) = NAN

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