PHP Function Reference

PHP - Classes/Objects

These functions provides tool to obtain information about classes and instance objects. They can be used to obtain the name of the class to which an object belongs, as well as its member properties and methods. Using these functions, not only the class membership of an object can be found, but also its parentage (i.e. what class is the object class extending).


There is no installation needed to use these functions. These functions are part of the PHP core.

Runtime Configuration

This extension has no configuration directives defined in php.ini.

PHP Classes/Objects Functions

__autoload() Attempts to load undefined class.
class_alias() Creates an alias for a class.
class_exists() Checks if the class has been defined.
enum_exists() Checks if the enum has been defined.
get_called_class() Gets the name of the class where the static method is called.
get_class() Returns the name of the class of an object.
get_class_methods() Gets the class methods names.
get_class_vars() Gets the default properties of the class.
get_declared_classes() Returns an array with the name of the defined classes.
get_declared_interfaces() Returns an array of all declared interfaces.
get_declared_traits() Returns an array of all declared traits.
get_mangled_object_vars() Returns an array of mangled object properties.
get_object_vars() Gets the properties of the given object.
get_parent_class() Retrieves the parent class name for object or class.
interface_exists() Checks if the interface has been defined.
is_a() Checks if the object is of this class or has this class as one of its parents.
is_subclass_of() Checks if the object has this class as one of its parents or implements it.
method_exists() Checks if the class method exists.
property_exists() Checks if the object or class has a property.
trait_exists() Checks if the trait exists.

PHP Classes/Objects Predefined Constants

This extension has no constants defined.