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PHP stream_register_wrapper() Function

The PHP stream_register_wrapper() function is used to register a URL wrapper implemented as a PHP class. It allows implementing user-defined protocol handlers and streams for use with all the other filesystem functions, such as fopen(), fread() etc.

This function is an alias of stream_wrapper_register() function.


stream_register_wrapper(protocol, class, flags)


protocol Required. Specify the wrapper name to be registered. Valid protocol names must contain alphanumerics, dots (.), plusses (+), or hyphens (-) only.
class Required. Specify the classname which implements the protocol.
flags Required. Set to STREAM_IS_URL if protocol is a URL protocol. Default is 0, local stream.

Return Value

Returns true on success or false on failure. Return false if the protocol already has a handler.


The example below shows how to use stream_register_wrapper() function to register a stream wrapper.

class VariableStream {
  //codes to implement methods like
  //stream_open, stream_write etc.

//checking the existence of 'var' stream
//wrapper, if exists unregister it 
$existed = in_array("var", stream_get_wrappers());
if ($existed) {

//register 'var' stream wrapper
stream_register_wrapper("var", "VariableStream");

//opening the file
$fp = fopen("var://test.txt", "w+");

//writing some content to it
fwrite($fp, "line1 content\n");
fwrite($fp, "line2 content\n");
fwrite($fp, "line3 content\n");

//getting the starting position of the file

//reading the content of the file
while (!feof($fp)) {
  echo fgets($fp);

//closing the file

//restore the 'var' stream wrapper
//if previously existed
if ($existed) {

The output of the above code will be:

line1 content
line2 content
line3 content

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