Seaborn Tutorial

Seaborn - Introduction

Seaborn is an open source, BSD-licensed Python data visualization library based on matplotlib. It provides a high-level interface for drawing attractive and informative statistical graphics.

Seaborn helps users to resolve the two major issue faced when working with Matplotlib, which are:

  • Default Matplotlib parameters
  • Working with data frames

Important Features of Seaborn

Seaborn library is a Python data visualization library based on Matplotlib. It is meant to serve as a complement, and not a replacement of Matplotlib. However, it comes with some important features:

  • Visualizing statistical relationships
  • Visualizing distributions of data
  • Plotting with categorical data
  • Built in themes for styling matplotlib graphics
  • Visualizing univariate and bivariate data
  • Fitting in and visualizing linear regression models
  • Visualizing regression models
  • Plotting statistical time series data
  • Controlling figure aesthetics
  • Seaborn works well with NumPy and Pandas data structures
  • It comes with built in themes for styling Matplotlib graphics