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The SQL CREATE INDEX keyword is used to create indexes on a table (allows duplicate values). Indexes are useful to retrieve data from the database more quickly and speeds up the search queries. Indexes are not visible to the end users. Along with this, updating a table with indexes takes more time as compared to a table without any indexes because indexes are updated. Therefore it is advised to create indexes only on frequently searched columns.


The syntax for using SQL INDEX statement is given below:

/* index_name can be duplicate */
CREATE INDEX index_name
ON table_name (column1, column2, ...);

SQL INDEX statement Examples

The below mentioned SQL code creates index on column Name of Employee table.

ON Employee (Name);

To create a index on multiple columns (Name and EmpID) of a table (Employee), the SQL code is given below:

CREATE INDEX idx_nameid
ON Employee (Name, EmpID);

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