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PHP Exception class

The PHP Exception class is the base class for all user exceptions. An Exception object contains information about the error or unexpected behavior that the function encountered.

Class synopsis

class Exception implements Throwable {
  protected string $message;
  protected int $code;
  protected string $file;
  protected int $line;

  public __construct(string $message = "", 
           int $code = 0, ?Throwable $previous = null)
  final public getMessage(): string
  final public getPrevious(): ?Throwable
  final public getCode(): int
  final public getFile(): string
  final public getLine(): int
  final public getTrace(): array
  final public getTraceAsString(): string
  public __toString(): string
  final private __clone(): void


message The exception message
code The exception code
file The filename where the exception was created
line The line where the exception was created

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