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× C# Examples

If a number is multiplied by itself two times (n*n*n), the final number will be the cube of that number and finding the cube root of a number is inverse operation of cubing the number. If x is the cube root of y, it can be expressed as below:

cube root

Alternatively, it can also be expressed as:

x3 = y

Example: Using Pow() method of C# Math Class

The pow() method of C# Math class can be used to calculate cube root of a number.

using System;

class MyProgram {
  static void Main(string[] args) {
  double x = 64;
  double y = 125;

  //Pow() takes double datatype as argument
  double x1 = Math.Pow(x, 1/3.0);
  double y1 = Math.Pow(y, 1/3.0);
  Console.WriteLine("Cube root of " + x + " is " + x1);
  Console.WriteLine("Cube root of " + y + " is " + y1);

The above code will give the following output:

Cube root of 64 is 4
Cube root of 125 is 5