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Python - List Methods

The Python has a number of methods and functions that are available for use with lists. These methods and functions are listed below in alphabetical order. For more details about any one of these, please visit its page.

List Methods & Functions
append() Adds a specified element to the end of the list
clear() Deletes all elements from the list
copy() Creates a copy of the list into a new list
count() Returns the number of occurrence of a specified element in the list
extend() Adds an element or iterable at the end of the list
index() Returns the index of first occurrence of a specified element in the list
insert() Adds a specified element at specified index in the list
pop() Deletes an element at specified index or last element of the list
remove() Deletes first occurrence of a specified element in the list
reverse() Reverses order of all elements in the list
sort() Sorts elements of the list in ascending or descending order with specified sorting criteria
len() Returns total number of elements in the list
list() List function/constructor is used to create list from iterable like list, tuple, set, string and dictionary, etc.