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R - Comments

The Comments are added in programming code with the purpose of making the code easier to understand. It makes the code more readable and hence easier to update the code later. Comments are ignored by the compiler while running the code. In R, there are two ways of putting a comment.

  • Single line comment
  • Multi-line comment

Single line Comment

It starts with # and ends with the end of that line. Anything after # to the end of the line is a single line comment and will be ignored by the compiler.


The example below illustrates how to use single line comments in a R code. The compiler ignores the comments while compiling the code.

# first line comment
print('Hello World!.') # second line comment

The output of the above code will be:

[1] "Hello World!."

Multi-line Comment

R does not have multi-line comment functionality however this can be achieved by starting each line by #.


In below code, multi-line comments are used which is achieved by starting each line by #.

#comment line 1
#comment line 2
#comment line 3

print('Hello World!.') 

The output of the above code will be:

[1] "Hello World!."